November 1, 2010

Where I’m going with these obituaries

I have multiple motives or angles in writing about my late parents (and other deceased relatives).

That’s a lot. If it ever is completed, it will cover a lot of different blog posts. So please understand if any one post in particular feels a little bit sparse or incomplete — it’s just a piece of a larger whole.

The series so far


2 Responses to “Where I’m going with these obituaries”

  1. For those who cared about the late Peter and Anita Monash | Software Memories on November 9th, 2010 10:46 pm

    […] overview post, framing the whole series. Categories: Personal  Subscribe to our complete […]

  2. Ellie Kesselman on June 13th, 2011 12:44 pm

    I’m so sorry that you lost your mother and father. I’ve read your blog entries, and follow your work, albeit rather silently.

    My father passed away on 16 July 2009, and I miss him so terribly much. I read his old research papers in the Bulletin of Mathematical Biology and cry. I cried when I read your series about your parents. My father used to say that one’s children are one’s immortality. I am a widow, now unlikely to have children (although still hoping to find a Jewish husband, and not too old for children, yet), nor is my brother likely to have a family. So we too are the last of the line, like you.

    This is what I did: I paid the yearly membership fee for and created as complex and detailed a family tree as I could. I couldn’t get past the turn-of-the-century departures from the shtetls of Zhytomir and Kiev. But that was okay. Instead I collected as much information, photographs, census records, marriage announcements, everything, and uploaded it all, where it is chronologically and semantically linked in a family tree, safe and secure with the careful group that runs that website. Doing this has not eased the sorrow, unfortunately. But at least there is something tangible by which to remember these ancestors of mine. So I very much understand your sentiments.

    I mentioned you briefly in a blog post today, and follow your updates in the Twitterverse.

    Be well, Curt Monash. PLEASE: Remember that your parents loved you and were very proud of you. I read about your achievements somewhere and the age at which you accomplished those things. Unlike Steven Wolfram, you were remarkably modest and self-aware, which is why I am writing this. Few people retain perspective. You have, and are not self-aggrandizing. I am sure your parents were proud of that too.

    Best wishes,
    Ellie K

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